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the laundry

Communal building with a single nave, crossed longitudinally by a canal. It is built with load-bearing walls and rear pillars made of mortar. It was inaugurated in 1954. At present, the construction has been integrated into an urbanization with pedestrian streets....

The Church

Building finished in 1881, it is built with external load-bearing walls, made of stones joined with mortar. The interior has three naves, separated by sandstone pillars, with arches of the same material that support the gabled roof. In Calle Pilares you can see the...


Ingredients     for 4 people: 1/2 kg. snuff. 1/4 kg. mackerel. 1/4 kg. mackerel. 1/4 kg. redfish. 1 / 4kg. rat. 1/4 kg. galleys. 150 gr. cabbage. 4 small potatoes. 400 gr. Of rice. 2 ñoras. 4 cloves of garlic Saffron. Oil. Salt.   Preparation  ...

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