La Xara is a town constituted as an administratively independent entity with a territorial scope lower than the municipality (EATIM), forming part of the municipality of Dénia.

GOVERNMENT TEAM OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD OF THE EATIM DE LA XARA as a result of the local elections held ON MAY 25, 2019.


  • Mª Teresa Pérez Conejero. (PSPV-PSOE).



  • Juan Naranjo Rubio (PSPV-PSOE). Delegate member of Festivities and Sports. (SHARED).
  • Eva María Alberola Miñana (PSPV-PSOE). Delegate Member of Education.
  • Juan García Arbona (PSPV-PSOE). Delegate member of Culture and Citizen Participation.
  • Leonor Ausina Llacer (PSPV-PSOE). Delegate member of the Elderly and Equality.
  • Xavi Mut Palones (PSPV-PSOE). Delegate member of Youth and Sports. (SHARED).
  • María Belen Delegido Priego (PSPV-PSOE). Delegate for the Environment.


  • Mª Teresa Pérez Conejero – President.
  • Juan José Abad Rodríguez – Secretary-Controller.
  • María Sagrario Mendo Fernández – Accidental Treasurer.